Pearl Harmony

Pearl Harmony” is an experimental art approach towards the world of wedding industry; employing specially designed interactive and curated lighting pearls, along with a wide encircling screen continuously streaming immersive digital artwork, the venue itself becomes a portal to another beautiful universe.

After months of relentless planning by le mariage team, the Pearl Harmony experimental Art wedding was finally perfected.

Radiating with elegance and grace, through the innovative state of the art technology, and immersive installations, the spellbinding experience transported all of our guests to an extraordinary dreamscape.

From its very beginning, the initial entrance was paraded throughout worldly lighting shows and splendid decoration, leading up to the seating, carrying guests into a magical universe of fantasy, by employing a 360 degree all-encompassing, awe-inspiring screen of 8 m in height and 50m diameter

The ceiling installation is a statement lighting piece, created from a dynamic interactive lighting system, classic in its reference to pearls but modern in the installment of its overall shape. Crystal pearls, constituted of triplex opals and crystals, are threaded with smaller metal spheres, and layered in a mixture of colors, forming a rich draping of pearl waves

Luxurious and meticulously detailed to the smallest element, our flower arrangements ornamented the venue, emanating of grandeur and opulence, furthermore prompting the magnificence of our delicately positioned furniture, and beautifully adorned walls.

Area: 2500
year: 2022
Guest Count: 500