Desert Rose

A mesmerizing architectural project resembling a desert.

The inspiration for this exclusive wedding design came from the remarkable architectural artwork of the national museum of Qatar.

Desert rose is a dramatic yet mesmerizing flower-like aggregate consisting of mineral crystals, that formed throughout thousands of years in a desert by the nature itself. We used this complex yet poetic composition as the main element of the wedding project.

We transformed the outdoor space of 5,000 sqm into a breathtaking desert-like entirely customized design.

The most complex art installation in this project was hanging above everyone beautifully dispersed throughout the ceiling. Thousands of multi three-dimensional layers of special material were arranged in a complex pattern, which made the ceiling installation even more significant.

We incorporated a parametric modeling style for the artwork of walls to emphasize the conceptual design idea. Hundreds of wooden pieces were created and placed in a special way creating flowing waves running across the walls evoking a desert-like atmosphere.

A Desert Rose wedding project was more than a design, it was an unforgettable experience for our guests.

Location: Client residential
Area: 5000
year: 2021
Guest Count: 500