Astral Journey

Embark on an ‘Astral Journey,’ where the grandeur of a colossal metal structure sprawls across 3000 sqm, a testament to the extraordinary architectural installation symbolizes the strength of unity .
Above, an installation of one million stars adorning the ceiling, turning the space into an otherworldly dreamscape .
Guest where welcomed in Monochromatic hues that weave a tapestry of sophistication, while reflection and illusion art elevate the experience of the entrance to new heights. A symphony of luxury and innovation awaits at every turn
The immersive experience deepens with walls adorned in digital art, each stroke enhancing the ethereal atmosphere. Customized dining set up introduce unique seating styles, harmonizing with a color palette of tranquil turquoise, warm peach, and subtle beige inviting guests to partake in this extraordinary visual and sensory journey .

As skylights fade, our meticulous light design comes to life, casting a spellbinding effect that accentuates the celestial mood enhancing the architectural spectacle.
‘Astral Journey’ transcends the boundaries of traditional weddings , inviting guests to immerse themselves in a space where innovation and architectural tapestry intertwine .

Location: QNCC
Area: 3000 SQM
year: 2024
Guest Count: 500