In Time

project taken beyond the moment.
IN TIME simulates the domains of art and architecture qualities within a futuristic thinking, an intersection between creativity and cutting-edge technology, through a multidisciplinary design approach of space that we define as LAND ART.
An architecture that respects its past but looks towards the FUTURE !
Reacting to the impact of technology, the entrance was the starting point for this purpose which aims to explore huge artful canvas in a multi-sensory experience.
The creation of an iconic yet dramatic main stage was an extensive and challenging process, designed & produced by a complex of shaping physical & digital structures , taking up most of the background space, by going 26 meters up , which is equivalent to 8 floors.
The volume of the outline fa├žades and their dynamic synergy fits into a perfect pattern that forms a field of geometrical interactions between futuristic approach and urbanism.
the integration of lighting fixtures with architecture fits the geometrical scheme perfectly, on the other side to a futuristic environment by motions and movements of a lights cape scene that conveyed an inviting, theatrical, and dynamic feeling
a visual art experience was taking a large scale over the walls, synchronized with sound effects that transported guests into different destinations..
Dispersed landscapes form a foundation upon which the infinite fractal nature of life remains a must, a philosophy of an architectural concept that advocates for sustainable energy sources.
In urban context , it is a creation of life between objects.

Location: INDIA
Area: 122,000 Sq ft
year: 2023
Guest Count: 1500