Ambani’s Wedding

NEWS & PRESS July 27, 2020 How Le Mariage executed the world’s best wedding in history

Mohamad Ghayad In PB Live

NEWS & PRESS July 27, 2020 Mohamad Ghayad in PB live Conferenceمحمد-غياض-ولومرياج-في-المؤتمر-العالمي/


NEWS & PRESS 24 JUNE 2019 ENDLESS DREAM Endless Dream project had its own spirit and a story to tell. This project pushed all boundaries of architectural art installation industry. We completely transformed the empty space and successfully translated our vision through design. It was very important to carefully analyse the physical characteristics of the … read more »


NEWS & PRESS 24 JUNE 2019 BEYOND LUXURY Beyond Luxury was held in Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) on 14th of June 2019 and attended by 500 guests from the royal families of the Middle East. We had the complexity of elements and technology we wanted to incorporate in this project. By combining architecture, luxury … read more »