Beyond Luxury was held in Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) on 14th of June 2019 and attended by 500 guests from the royal families of the Middle East. We had the complexity of elements and technology we wanted to incorporate in this project. By combining architecture, luxury and technology we established modern and luxurious architectural floor plan.
This time we decided to use waterscape as a significant and exclusive element of the wedding. Water symbolizes the source of life and together with luxurious concept we gave the liveliness and meaning to our art work. Water fountains were made from precious artistic glass and crystals and placed throughout the space surrounded by shinny black marble with the golden stripes. We chose Lotus flower shape, which embodied grace, elegance, and perfection and suited the whole concept perfectly.
One of the most difficult elements to install was wavy screens and mirrors interchanging with one another around the venue. The facets of walls created never-ending reflection games while enlightening the entire space. For architectural ceiling installation we customized tiny golden crystals that looked like curtains holding handcrafted black diamonds with a vibrant flame inside of them. We wanted the combination of black and golden colours to add more weight and give a sense of power and elegance to the whole wedding theme.
After combining and establishing the main elements we started making the seating plan. We had to make sure to have a continuous luxury in every small detail of the design, which eventually became like making a story. We took our guests into another dimension where they could experience the magic of art and breath in the liveliness of it.