Endless Dream project had its own spirit and a story to tell. This project pushed all boundaries of architectural art installation industry. We completely transformed the empty space and successfully translated our vision through design. It was very important to carefully analyse the physical characteristics of the venue because of the diverse and lively architectural floor plan we created.
The main element of this wedding was large crystal tornados. We decided to spread them across the venue while merging with the entire dreamy concept. Thousands of shiny hand-blown glass elements hanging from the ceiling all the way to the floor created a spectacular architectural piece of art. Large prestigious figures intertwined with other elements and the floor plan and enlightened art’s true beauty. Furthermore, each tornado landed and merged with water baths laying on the marble floor while perfectly connecting with the surrounding grace and vividness.
We chose white orchid flowers embraced by the greenery, that created a blooming landscape and flourished the entire space. White and golden palette exposed the elegance and created this fragile but powerful atmosphere. We wanted to make our guests feel as if they are in a nostalgic dream, full of hopes and illusions. We always seek to unify art, architecture, and design in ways that haven’t been seen before.